Chiropractor Canterbury

Chiropractor Canterbury

New Pricing Schemes on Offer from April 2016

6 Weeks of Initial Chiropractic Care - £225

In my experience I find that, generally, people get better long term results, from consistent and continued care. The 6 week plan may be the best value option for new patients and offers as many treatments as are clinically needed. Chiropractic care includes adjustments, posture and lifestyle advice, appropriate strengthening and stretching exercises. With this in mind, you have the possibility of gaining immediate relief, followed by continued relief and a lifestyle change allowing maintenance and ongoing wellness.  

6 Treatments for ongoing wellness & maintenance- £205

If you would prefer to pay for your treatments upfront I can offer a 6 treatment plan. This option gives you the same high quality care as offered on the pay per session, but it also gives you £10 off each treatment, reducing the real cost to less than £35 per visit.

If you don't feel that you can commit to such a plan, there is not pressure to and pay per session is absolutely fine.

Chiropractic fees

  • Initial consultation and treatment (up to 1 hour) £60
  • Follow-up treatments (up to half hour) £45
  • Children (under 16 years old) initial consultation and treatment (up to 1 hour) £45
  • Follow-up treatments (up to half hour) £30
  • Soft Tissue Work (approx. 1hr) £65
  • Cancellation Fee is the cost of the treatment.

You may be charged if an appointment is broken or cancelled without 24 hours notice.

Unfortunately, I am not registered with Bupa or AXA PPP Healthcare Insurance.

Other health insurance companies may cover chiropractic, please contact your insurers directly.

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