Chiropractor Canterbury

Chiropractor Canterbury

Children are pretty resilient and bounce back very well but sometimes it can lead to discomfort, poor concentration, fidgeting and even back or neck pain or migraines.

Newborn babies have a dramatic start in life and most babies recover from the experience very successfully, developing and thriving happily. Sometimes, especially after a difficult birth, they can be left with some discomfort and they are unable to communicate how they are feeling.

The following signs may indicate a misalignment in your baby's skeletal system:

  • Irritability & fractiousness
  • Poor sleep or unsettled
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Colic, sickness and wind
  • Continuous crying

These signs may be because of misalignments that mean it is uncomfortable to lie comfortably or it may hurt to be lifted. Feeding may be difficult because they can not get comfortable or they may have a mechanical stress that makes it difficult to suck efficiently.

As children grow everyday bumps, falls and knocks may cause misalignments. Carrying heavy school bags, playing sports, sitting on ill-fitting chairs and playing computer games for hours can lead to possible headaches or back and neck pain.

Watch this space for free spinal checks for your children....

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